2CofAlineMaroonThe Engineering Mentor Program was created by Theta Tau Professional and Social Engineering Fraternity to service prospective engineering students of Purdue University and to promote the education of young leaders in engineering. Our program provides high school students with the opportunity to communicate with experienced engineering undergraduates and graduates who maintain a balance between their academics and involvement in multiple professional and extracurricular activities. Prospective students are given the opportunity to ask experienced students about all aspects of engineering such as, the types of engineering disciplines offered, the classes that engineers take, what to expect as a freshmen in engineering, and more. The Engineering Mentor Program is quite different from the other orientation programs Purdue offers, such as Introducing Purdue, Purdue’s for Me, and Boiler Gold Rush, because it is designed and lead by current undergraduates.


Advisors and counselors have hundreds of students to talk with everyday and aren’t always available to answer your questions with much thought or respond in a timely fashion. Wouldn’t it be nice if students had a knowledgeable peer with whom they could ask questions and expect a quick response? Our program connects participants with a Brother of the Fraternity. This allows the mentees to ask informal questions and have access to reach us by email, phone call, and text message. A one-on-one relationship with a Brother allows us to answer participants questions within a timely fashion, get an inside view of the campus from a current students perspective, and build a relationship throughout the potential student’s time at Purdue. Participants are highly recommended to visit campus and take advantage of our personalized campus tours.


There is absolutely no charge to participate in our program. This program is offered as a community service to ease the transition from high school to college and promote the engineering program at Purdue University about which we care deeply.


Opportunities included:

  • Ask questions and concerns about engineering and campus life
  • One-on-one communication with an experienced engineering student
  • Build a relationship with an organization on campus
  • Tour of campus and class visits (personalized to your interests)
  • Obtain a better perception of the conditions of your freshmen year
  • Attain a head start on planning your future in engineering
  • Learn about clubs and organizations: club sports, student government, music ensembles, professional honor societies, ROTC, religious affiliations, Greek Life, campus media, and more

Interested? How to Participate:

It takes less than five minutes to fill out the application. The purpose of the application is to help us get to know a little bit about your interests so that we can properly pair you with the Brother best suited to answer your questions. Click here and get started with your engineering future today.

If you’d like to learn more about the Engineering Mentor Program, then contact us using the information above.